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These days, it is hard to find a quiet location where you can conduct business. Working remotely from your kitchen table or a back bedroom is not conducive to concentration.

Without a designated office space, you are constantly shifting your laptop to make room for dinner or company. If you enjoy a private workspace, where you control the noises around you, The Work Station has the perfect spot.

Our private office features a five-foot desk at one end and a round conference table at the other. Work alone and bring your team in when it’s time for collaboration.

The conference table seats four comfortably, and a whiteboard helps you strategize.

As a member of The Work Station community, you get limited free access to our private office! The amount of private office credit varies based on the membership you have, and you also have the freedom to purchase more credit when needed throughout the month.

Are you looking to up production without distraction? Contact us for more information about our private office.

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